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Glue Networks Demos Orchestration for the Multi-Vendor Data Center

October 25, 2016

Glue Networks this week at the Open Networking User Group event in New York is demonstrating how its Gluware orchestration platform can configure switches in a multi-vendor data center environment and allow for the seamless migration from physical appliances to virtual network functions.

The company’s orchestration platform allows for the enforcement of policy management in multivendor network environments. It can be employed for downgrades, upgrades, or to facilitate the change of devices. And it interacts with physical or virtual network elements via application program interfaces and command line interfaces.

"Gluware is giving network engineers the capacity to model all network functions vendor-agnostically, bringing the DevOps model to network architecture without the need of full-stack network engineers,” said Phil Lees, CTO of WhiteSpider U.K., a data center consultancy company.

Adaptive Integration U.S. President David Talovic said Glueware enables his company’s customers to decrease the time they spend on operational network tasks by 60 percent. Adaptive Integration is a West Coast IT solutions provide that specializes in application delivery, information security, operational intelligence, and software-defined networking.

"Before Gluware, customized network orchestration was only available to large service providers with significant budgets,” said Glue Networks CEO Jeff Gray. “Enterprises had limited tools or per-vendor tools that forced engineers down a path of custom scripting, a practice that is error-prone and difficult to manage. Glue Networks provides centralized configuration management at scale to ease the transition from physical to virtual, in turn driving down costs and increasing agility."

The Open Networking User Group event in New York opened yesterday and runs through today. The gathering is forum at which IT architects and designers share their motivations for deploying software-defined networking and the best practices for implementing SDN.

The Open Networking User Group’s Oct. 17 blog talks about how it’s been four years since VMware bought Nicira for more than a billion dollars, and that while the open networking movement has seen some advancements, overall there’s been slow progress on this front.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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