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Zentera to Announce Integrations with Security Solution Vendors

November 18, 2016

Cloud over IP platform company Zentera Systems Inc., which offers secure overlay networks that can connect computers, containers, and virtual machines across multiple private and cloud domains, later this month will formally announce new integrations with some popular security engines used by enterprises. Debby Hindus, director of marketing, and Mike Loftus, vice president of marketing, at the company disclosed this information during an interview this week at TMC’s Editors Day in Santa Clara, Calif.

Through the integrations, explained Hindus, customers will be able to use their same security tools in the cloud without making any changes.

Zentera Systems sits at the convergence point between networking and security, explained Mike Loftus, vice president of strategy and marketing at the company. Gartner groups Zentera into an area it calls service isolation; whereas Forrester defines the space as VNI.

What Zentera does is offer endpoint-to-endpoint networking, which enables it to offer additional layers of security, so customers can control what gets encrypted and what does not, Hindus said, adding that a lot of existing on-premises security is based on the idea that you can physically control servers but that in this new world that is no longer possible. Zentera also has multicloud capability, which means users can connect to workloads over any cloud, like AWS or Azure. And it has a low overhead white listing application.

Qualcomm is the first customer of Zentera, which raised $9 million in its series A round. Qualcomm is using the Zentera platform to connect securely with partners. As a result, it does not require virtual private network connections for this purpose.

“Zentera directly addresses networking security for the multicloud, and we’re the only company that really does that,” said Hindus. “Other companies do that as a side effect.”

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